Ace-Tech's field of specialisation includes following services:

Electrical System

  1. Power Generation, High and Low Voltage electrical power distribution
  2. Lighting & Power Design
  3. Un-interrupted Power Supplies
  4. Lightning Protection System

Steam and Hot Water Generation System

  1. Boiler plants
  2. Steam and condensate distribution system
  3. Solar energy utilization system

Heating, Air Condtioning and Ventilation System

  1. Heating and Cooling Systems
  2. Mechanical Ventilation Systems
  3. Refrigeration Plants



Voice communication system

  1. Telephone distribution system
  2. MATV and SMATV system
  3. Public Announcements & Emergency Announcement system


Transportation System

  1. Lifts, Dumbwaiter and Platform Lifts 
  2. Escalator and Travellator



Automation System

  1. Building Automation System
  2. Security and access control systems
  3. Home automation system
  4. Office automated document conveyance systems

Fire Fighting and Protection System

  1. Automatic Sprinkler, Hosereel, Hydrant and Rising Mains
  2. Automatic Fire Alarm and Detection System
  3. Gaseous Protection System



Other Mechanical Systems

  1. Compressed air and vacuum system
  2. Cranes and hoists
  3. Waste heat recovery system
  4. Swimming pool filtration system
  5. Pond filtration systems

Plumbing and Waste Water Treatment

  1. Hot and Cold Water Distribution System
  2. Soil and Waste Plumbing System
  3. Sewage Treatment System and Plants
  4. Water Desalination System and Plants